Why It Is Important to Update Your Website

February 28, 2019

  1. Secure: Keeping your website secure is very important. A non-secure website will not only be listed poorly with search engines, but most browsers will try and deter visitors from using your site due to insufficient security. There is also the threat of your site being hacked or taken over maliciously. Does your website have SSL (secure socket layer)? Go check! Do you see https:// before the www. in your URL? If not, your site is not secure and you need to get it secure asap! Search engines place lower ranking on none SSL websites and will outright warn visitors not to enter personal information into a none SSL website.
  2. Up to Date Information: Keeping your website up to date with current and relevant information is very important for search engine rankings along with potential clients being able to properly contact you.
  3. Does the Site Work Properly: Do the pages load? Do the pictures load? Does the text display? Does the contact form work? 
  4. It’s Not Reflecting your Current Brand or Company: Do the mission statement, colors, text and call to action reflect your current goals and clients? Have you grown, changed or evolved since the site was initially created?
  5. Ineffective & Doesn’t Attract Clients: Is your website your #1 sales rep.? If not, something is wrong. Does your website have information that your clients want and need? Is your website a reliable tool for providing and collecting information for clients? Does your website tell your story?
  6. Outdated Themes and Coding or Technology: Your site may not work because of the inability to update it or due to outdated coding. Having an outdated and nonfunctional site is a detriment to your business and will turn potential clients away. This means potential revenue lost to your company.
  7. Not Mobile Friendly: If your website does not work properly or is not responsive on every device, you will again be listed poorly with search engines along with clients not being able to find you or ultimately work with you.
  8.  Speed: How fast do your pages and content like videos & pictures load? The slower things load the worse the experience for the navigator and the less chance they’ll stay on your site. Potential revenue lost.
  9. SEO: Does your website have keywords, phrases or any search engine optimization? Without proper SEO you rely on organic results which take longer and aren’t as weighted or strong. Potential customers can’t find you easily.
  10. Outdated Content: Are your blogs & testimonials from years ago? Have you updated the text and words on your site? Are your photos stock and low resolution? Your company is better and deserves better than this!
  11. Missing a Call to Action: Once a potential customer has landed on your website, what do you want them to do? If you don’t give them a call to action or guidance, they are left to navigate themselves and or leave your page without contacting you. Potential revenue lost.
  12. Updated Photos, High Definition, Non-Stock: A picture is worth 1000 words. A High Definition, unique photo of your team, products and services is worth 10,000 words. You have a smart phone, what’s stopping you from taking great photos? 
  13. Missing New Tools and Applications: Making your website more interactive. A calendar of events, a gallery of photos, an interactive location map, click to call buttons and more!
  14. Your Site is Not Sticking Out Among Competitors: Your competitors are keeping up with their website, you should too. Perception is everything. If your website looks amateur vs. your competitors, people will perceive your company that way also. Don’t lose potential clients and revenue due to a bad and outdated website.
  15. Your Reputation Value: Your company is so much better than this! Your company deserves a fantastic website, an exciting brochure online or a complex set of tools. A star sales rep who doesn’t eat or sleep.

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Article Written by: Robert V. – Owner



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