Why Hire a Professional Web Designer

November 16, 2015

Since we started our web design business in Omaha, we have come across numerous business owners who have outsourced their web design project to a family member or a friend – people who in most cases are not professional web designers. Why is this often a huge mistake and why is it so important to hire a professional? Well there are several reasons actually.

  1. We’ve seen it time and time again, a family member or friend agrees to build a website for a business owner. Great! However, more often than not we’ve come across these sites and they are either poorly designed and in many cases only partially finished. Having a poorly designed or partially finished website will reflect poorly on your business and can often cost you money as customers will often go elsewhere with their business. Remember, perception is everything which is why having a professionally designed website is vital.
  2. Just like anything technology and design related, web design has trends. This means customers have certain expectations for a modern website. Trust us, it isn’t as simple as “if you build it they will come”. A professional web designer will keep up to date on the latest trends and give you advice about what would be expected and most effective with your website design.
  3. Why would you not hire a professional? Keep in mind that your website is your 24/7, 365 days per year sales force. People will and do look your business up online. They will do their research and look for professionalism and customer reviews. Do you really want to risk losing business by not doing things correctly?
  4. A professional web  designer will give you advice. If you have been in business for any length of time, you have probably been bombarded by emails and phone calls from services promising you anything from an amazing website to the #1 ranking in Google – for a huge fee of course. At the very least there are some crucial things to be aware of with these services and in many cases they are scams where they simply take your money and you really get nothing for it. A professional will help you navigate through the garbage out there and will typically answer questions for you long after they have finished building your website.

Of course this is just a partial list. There are many reasons to hire a professional web design company to help you with building a website for your business. At Omaha Computer Service Pros we offer a free consultation to help you get started. There is no obligation with this consultation – we simply want to meet with you and help point you in the right direction. Give us a call today at (402) 671-6076 to set up a time to meet with us.

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