Reviews: Why are they important to your business? Why should you respond to them?

February 14, 2019

Online reviews are modern day referrals, so having them readily available is a great way to stand out from your competitors. People will trust what is said about you more than what is said by you. Now 97% of customers say reviews influence their buying decisions. About 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Around 40% of clients form an opinion of your business based off these reviews before ever contacting your business. So now more than ever reviews should be a top priority for your business!

Why is it important to respond to reviews? Responding to reviews does some powerful things for your business. It helps to build trust between you and the clients because you are building a relationship. This relationship will help build customer loyalty. Reviews are basically free advertising for your company. Responding to all the reviews, good or bad will help clients see that you are putting in the effort and care about customer service. It helps to boost your credibility online (think google rankings) and search engine optimization (SEO). 

Recent studies have shown, 53% of customers expect a reply to a review. If you respond to a review customer advocacy increases 16% but ignoring reviews results in a decrease of customer advocacy by 37%. Customers are expecting a response and by doing so will help your business in the long run but not responding has a potentially larger negative impact on your business.

The good thing about responding to reviews is that whether you are responding to good or bad reviews the benefits are the same. Responding to good reviews shows your current and potential clients that you care. Not only is it polite to respond, but it also allows you to market your business, while interacting with your customers. By responding to negative reviews, it shows that you value your clients and their feedback. This shows your business practice to your potential clients as well.

Responding to your business reviews is a huge part of marketing your business online and in the social media world. These reviews are vital in advertising your business to potential and current clients. Take the time to establish these relationships to help boost your business.

The good news is Omaha Computer Service Pros is here to help you! We offer many different types of business packages that will help maintain your local and social media listings. We can help keep an eye out for reviews and respond to them in the best ways possible for your business. Contact us today to find the perfect package to help maintain your business needs.

-Stephanie  S. – Social & Local Media Specialist








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