Let’s Talk About Website Content

February 28, 2019

What is Content?

  • Content is the creation and sharing of online material such as social media posts, blogs, and videos etc. Content is intended to stimulate interest in your products and services as a business. This blog you are reading is content.
  • Why do you need content? Content will help you to connect with and help educate your customers. Your content will help them to build trust in your business and give them the information needed to make purchasing decisions. 
  • Where can you use content? You can use content and post content to your website in blogs, articles, Facebook, Google, Instagram, You Tube, newsletters, e-books, magazines, emails, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and podcasts, etc.
  • Where can you get content ideas? Check out what is trending on Pinterest. Look at trends on Google and social media platforms such as Twitter. Check out your top competitors and business partnerships. Look at your personal social media friends or business, emails, magazines or content and see what stands out to you. Study it and get ideas from them to help you. Talk to your current customers. What trends are you noticing and what are the questions that you keep getting asked? Look at the top brands in your field, look at your calendar of events, holidays, events, conferences etc.
  • What content can Omaha Computer Service Pros help you with? Professional Website Creation, Mobile optimization, SEO ready, Galleries, Contact Forms. No contracts. Affordable and flexible maintenance plans available for your company. Social & Local Business Listings: Facebook, Yelp, Google business listings and online review management.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Google Webmaster, Analytics, Ad-words setup. Website SEO, Keyword creation, help with blog and Facebook postings. Logo Creations, Professional Video Production and Photography.

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Article by: Stephanie S. – Local & Social Media Specialist

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