Do You Even Need a Website for Your Business?

April 16, 2019

Do you even need a business website? Why only having a Facebook business page isn’t good enough. 

Facebook currently houses about 50 million small business pages! Now more than ever, Facebook has been focusing on trying to keep people on their site. Facebook will give more weight to content using their forum versus others. However, Facebook can’t replace a business website. Your website is the key to your sales. Think of your website as a centralized hub for all social media platforms. Business websites will be around for a very long time to come so don’t write off having one for your business.

Here is why:

Competition– Facebook has and displays thousands of stories based on likes, follows and friends. Don’t forget the ads and other information your potential client will have to sift through. Your business will have to make it through all those other stories just to be seen. Your website on the other hand is a different story. You have your client’s complete attention. Facebook will only continue to increase the size of your competition. Your website however will decrease the competition over time. 

Control– Unless your name is Mark Zuckerberg, you don’t control Facebook. The algorithms will continue to become ever changing and more complex. It’s their site and their terms period. If you aren’t paying for ads and boosts to your page do you think your page will be seen? This is the opposite with your website. You own and are in control over the entire thing. From the design, to telling your story, it’s your website. Facebook business pages all look the same, maybe a few different pictures.  Nothing makes your page stand out from your competitors. Think of it like renting a home versus owning a home. Your landlord tells you how much to pay, owns the property, tells you what is allowed and what isn’t and generally controls what happens. When you own your home, it’s yours! Do with it what you wish. Same with your business website versus Facebook pages.

Credibility– When potential clients come across your Facebook page and are interested in your business, chances are they will likely search for your website. If they don’t see one it can give the impression that your business isn’t as credible or as professional as your competitors.

The point is don’t rely solely on Facebook but use it and other social media platforms to lead clients to your business website. Your website is the only place you have complete control! Marketing in the digital age requires strategies using different social media platforms that all funnel to your website where they can learn more and ultimately create sales.

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