Design Trends & Why You Should Follow Them With Your Business Website

July 22, 2015

Like almost anything technology related, website design has trends. These trends can be crucial if you are business owner as following these trends will help keep your business and website relevant and will turn more website visitors into customers. But what are some of the current trends? Here are a few of the main ones at least and why they are important.

1. Long scrolling pages. Chances are most of you have used a site like this but why should you use one for your business? After all, don’t you want all over your important content and contact info at the top of the page or “above the fold”? In years past, the answer to this question would be yes. However, research has shown that this has changed and it isn’t really necessary to fill the top of your page with all of this info. People will scroll, especially when using smartphones and tablets. So why is using a long scrolling page a good idea for your business? Simple, user engagement. If done correctly, you can “tell a story” to your customers about your product and services. Doing this will help increase your conversion rates and ultimately make you more money with your website. It’s also slick looking and easy to use.

2. Feature list icons. Technically there is no official term coined for this – at least not yet but “feature list icons” seems to fit. Basically they are just like how they sound. They include a list of services or features offered with relevant icons next to each feature. This makes it quick and easy for a person to see what is offered but also allows space for a business to add more info also if they want to.

3. Galleries & slideshows. Perhaps not exactly new but let me specify – they are more and more common with responsive sites. In other words, in years past there would be slideshows and galleries on full versions of websites but the mobile site would often be fairly plain or basic. Not anymore. Mobile versions of websites now almost always include similar content as their PC counterparts – including slideshows and galleries.

Anyhow, these are just a few of the trends going on in the website design world. Want to learn more or what we can do for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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