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February 20, 2020

In the rapidly evolving world of the internet – with plugins, applications, browsers, software, and content management systems constantly improving – updates are a modern fact of life

These pesky updates can cause bugs, broken links, and error messages, among other unexpected problems. In a perfect world, when a website is launched, it’s a flawless, finished product. But in truth, websites are more like ongoing projects. Even the most carefully built websites eventually require maintenance, and even the sturdiest homes are susceptible to damage. Our tip? Stay ahead of the glitch with a monthly web maintenance plan. Here are four important reasons to pick one up:

            1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google LOVES when websites update content. In fact, they love it so much they will increase your search ranking. Who likes stagnant content?                     Nobody; especially your customers. Web maintenance helps Google determine if your website is relevant, and old content means lower rankings.

            2. Brand Booster. Your website is the most widely viewed reflection of your business. It’s important that your site is not only professionally designed (and updated), but also free of                              errors, dead pages, or broken links. Based on user data and analysis, it’s also important to consistently update the UX and UI to better serve your customers.

            3. Cost Savings. Calling your marketing agency five-10 times per month for website changes and repairs can really add up in fees. By maintaining your site on a monthly basis, this can be                    avoided.

            4. Customer Interest. Changing and updating your website keeps existing customers interested, but also helps catch the attention of new customers.

Your website is the gateway/window to your online business. The first thing a visitor encounters while trying to reach you online is your website. Upon reaching on the website, within seconds a visitor will take the very important decision that whether it is worth their time or not and to stay on it or not.

A site that is not updated is prone to get hacked for various reasons like Blackhat SEO campaigns, mining Bitcoin, stealing bandwidth, drive-by downloads, phishing pages, credit card skimmers (e-commerce sites a good target for this).

If you’re thinking that you have a small site and hackers might not want to target it because of this. You are guessing it wrong. Contrary to what you might prefer to believe, actually hackers prefer to hack small sites for its resourcefulness.

The longer the wait to update the site the tedious will be the process of updating it in the future. When you finally will take the decision to update it, you will encounter several problems due to outdated modules. It will cause a lot of wastage of time and money. As the updates will take much more time and more Q/A effort will be required. The developer will need to give more time while making the updates.

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