10 Web Design Tips For Medical Professionals

July 16, 2019

Your website should be your most powerful marketing tool. The following tips will help your practice stand out from your competitors. Whether you are just starting out or in need of a redesign for your website here are some basic tips to help throughout the process.

  1. Credibility – Include all education background, degrees, internships, practice history, awards, board positions, articles written or publications etc. This will help you be more credible to potential patients and allow them to trust you for their medical care.
  2. Relatable – Patients want doctors who are relatable. Discuss your philosophies for health care, client relationships, areas of interest, expertise, extra studies, etc. Don’t just list qualifications, patients want someone they can relate to in an easily understandable way.
  3. High-quality photos – Use professional photos throughout your website. Patients want to see you as professional and credible. Stock photos aren’t personal so invest in some nice, clean and professional photos of your offices and staff.
  4. Call to Action – This needs to be clear and easy to understand. Have website visitors subscribe to a newsletter, free consultation, or request an appointment. This will be essential on how you would like them to start navigating the website and a good way to capture their information.
  5. Blog – Use this portion of your website to publish relevant news to your patients. This advances your credibility and allow patients to see you as an authority. It will help your website to be seen on search engines.
  6. Use online forms and payment systems – Most up to date sites have these available and patients expect this from professionals. This can streamline your intake paperwork as well as making payments and other documentation easier for patients to utilize.
  7. Services Lists – Make sure to list what conditions your practice treats and techniques used. Include which insurance companies your practice uses to help patients figure out if your practice is in or out of network provider.
  8. SEO Optimization – Everyone searches for providers online and by location. Make sure you are found. Double check your location addresses on the web to see they are accurate and consistent. Verify and claim your local and social media postings so patients can find you easily on search engines.
  9. Simple and Modern – Make sure patients can see you are up to date with relevant information even for mobile devices. It should all load efficiently from desktops, tablets, and smart phones. It shows that you are invested in your business and care about your reputation and image. Keep it simple. In this case less is more.
  10. Update Regularly – Keep your website up to date with current information. Older sites may not load properly if at all and this may cause potential patients to get frustrated and to leave your website. Keeping it up to date will also help with search engine rankings.

Implementing these simple tips will attract more potential patients to your website. If you need help in designing on revamping your current website Omaha Computer Service Pros is here for you. We can take your website to the next level. Contact us today!

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